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6 Smartphone Apps to Help Organize Your Life

Are you generally a disorganized person? Having trouble meeting deadlines, finishing tasks and keep tracking of all that’s happening?
That isn’t a big problem if you have a Smartphone. And chances are you probably do, so why not make the most of it? Here are 6 of our favourite Smartphone apps to help put order into your work and personal life:

1. LastPass: Password Manager

LastPass is a blessing for those of us with numerous accounts, yet have fickle memories.
Aside from being compatible with all the major OS, namely MAC, Linux and Windows, this little app also features a smart phone function that automatically synchronizes and remembers all your passwords.

In addition, it generates for you a strong random password that you can easily save for future use.They have a Pro version that packs more features but there’s little to complain about the free one. LastPass is available for Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile.



2. Christmas List

With Christmas just around the corner, one of the hardest things to do is keeping tab of all that there is to do. Who sent the cards? Did we send back a thank you card? For whom am I buying gifts for? How much are the gifts? It’s an endless tirade!

Thankfully there’s now a smart phone app for keeping track of all those bugging details. Christmas List works wonderfully simple too; it imports the contacts in your address book, allows you to take notes, assign gifts to the various persons and keeps track of the gifts bought - in addition to the total money spent against the budget you have set. So the name of the app is a little less inventive, but who cares as long as gets the job done? Merry Christmas!


3. Pageonce – The Personal Assistant

This is for the accounting freaks out there. Pageonce takes over management of your credit card passwords, purchases, financial history and of course, accounts.
It even has real time alerts to ensure you never miss a deadline or overcharge your credit card!The free version is available on all major smart phone platforms while the Pro version comes loaded with additional features for detailed control of your finances.


4. Evernote

Yes Evernote has been around for awhile now but that doesn’t mean it’s any less worthy of mention. With this, you can conveniently take notes from any of your devices (be it a Smartphone or a Mac) while keeping all of them synchronized. With it comes the power to record all your ideas on the go.
The Pro version also incorporates group note taking which allows several users to take notes, share, or collaborate on the same thing.So if you still hanging on to your worn out notebook, its high time you sign up and make the most out of 21st century notebook technology.


5. Timr

Timr is a smart phone application to help manage your work time. The beautiful thing about Timr lies in its versatility: it is equipped with an advanced system for tracking and analyzing time spent, yet comes with a clean interface for simple use, should you never require those complex reports.
For those with a workforce, it can be used to time attendance as well.The application has GPS support and automatically adjusts for time zone variation. The app is available on all major smart phone platforms.

6. Fast Add

For those instances where you’re adding a contact but forget to save (such as receiving an important message in the middle of inputting the contact), this application will save you the frustration of losing that crucial contact.
The application saves the input as you type, ensuring you’d never lose any crucial details.



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