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Mobile Money Machines Review

What is Mobile Money Machines?
Created by Matt Marcus and Frank Lucas (two online entrepreneurs who own a successful cell phone marketing
business in California), Mobile Money Machines is an online marking course and software suite. It is very new and was only just released in August 2011.
Their strategy is simple – use the software to build mobile landing pages to collect users phone numbers – and drive traffic to them. Then use these to promote a wide range of affiliate offers to your list of mobile users. There is also a Facebook app included, which is very good at gathering phone numbers.
It sounds more complicated than it is – the software sets up landing pages in minutes from templates and Frank and Matt show you how to make money with what are perhaps the hardest affiliate offers of all to promote on a mobile – Clickbank products. If you can successfully promote a Clickbank product, you can promote anything!
Although it does work – an increasing number of people do buy Clickbank products on their phones – there are other types of affiliate offers that are designed for mobiles and that work much better: CPA offers. Mobile
Money Machines does not go into much detail about these, but in my opinion if you can sell Clickbank products (which the course gives you a working blueprint to do) then these will be really easy.

What is included with Mobile Money Machines?
There are a series of training videos that show you how to implement the method and use it to make money – step by step right from scratch. There are also lost of templates that you can use instead of needing to build your own mobile sites – no experience is required. The core of the program is the software that sets up mobile landing pages and Facebook apps to collect phone numbers of users who are interested in what you’re promoting. Finally, there is a members area filled with tutorials, case studies and more advanced information about making money with mobile phones as an affiliate.
The members area has the following content:
• Step 1 -How to set Up Your Mobile Machine
• Step 2 -Profit Stack #1 – Email
• Step 3 -Mobile Money Ignition
• Step 4 -Next Gen Squeeze Pages
• Step 5 -Profit Stack #2 – Auto Cash Funnels
• Step 6 -Turning On The Cash

What’s good about it – and the bad too?
The appeal of mobile marketing is that at the moment it is very uncompetitive – especially compared to traditional
affiliate or online marketing. The main reason so many people fail at Internet marketing is because it is so competitive – this is certainly not the case with mobile marketing. There are more mobile phones in the USA and UK than people and more mobile users around the world than Internet users – but despite this very few people are using mobile phones for this kind of marketing, which leaves a big opportunity for those who get in early.
Although many people will not want to buy through their phones, there are an increasing number who regularly do. And the size of the market combined with the lack of competition makes it surprisingly easy to convert users into buyers with the Mobile Money Machines methods.
It would have been good if Matt and Frank included tutorials about how to promote other types of offers – such as CPA offers designed for mobile phone promotions. They don’t, but they do show you how to successfully
promote Clickbank products, which are much harder than CPA offers (that do not require a credit card, for example) that are designed for mobile users.
Overall though, this is a new, innovative and effective way to make money – the mobile marketing field is really uncompetitive at the moment and this is by far the best training course and software available for those who want to build a mobile marketing business.

Conclusion – Worth it or not?
Mobile Money Machines is worth getting if you are interested in building a mobile marketing business and are willing to take action and focus on it. There is a lot of very good training available – in video form which is much easier to understand and copy – and some very effective software programs too.
Mobile marketing is growing rapidly at the moment and there are a lot of opportunities – especially because there is so little competition at the moment.

Questions about Mobile Money Machines

What is Mobile Money Machines?
Mobile Money Machines is a program created by Matt Marcus and Frank Lucas – it is all about making money with mobile marketing; advertising offers on mobile phones.
That sounds confusing and not very lucrative, however, let’s just look at some statistics for a moment:
• There are more mobile phones in the United States than people
• There are more mobile users around the world than Internet users
• People are much more responsive than online – partly because the mobile marketing world is so much less competitive.
There are huge opportunities in mobile marketing – both by promoting offers yourself and by helping small businesses get into it themselves. Mobile Money Machines is all about using this to make money – it details the methods that Matt and Frank have been using and shows you (lots of video tutorials) how to copy what they have done.
How much does it cost?
$49 – there are some other additional extras, but this is the cost of the core product.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes – there is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee – you can request a refund any time in the first 60 days and get it for any reason, or even without giving a reason.
What is included for $49?
Mobile Money Machines is a training course about how to use mobile marketing opportunities to make money – by promoting offers on mobiles (much easier than it sounds) but also by helping small businesses take advantage of the mobile marketing world – this can be very lucrative and unlike other ‘make money online’ programs, this is a real business that a lot of successful people do. It’s called consulting!
The guide is in the form of a written e-book (mainly for reference) and a series of videos – over 40 hours of video training and tutorials.

Will it make me rich?
I cannot say – that depends on you.
If you use the information in Mobile Money Machines you could make a lot of money and build a strong business - because it is a blueprint of Matt and Frank’s successful business.
All I can say is that it is a good product.

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