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The X6 is BMW car with a body size similar to an SUV, but whose silhouette reminiscent of a coupe by the sharp fall that has the roof. Mechanical and structural elements shared with the X5, but is only approved for four occupants.
It is on sale from € 63,400 with a diesel engine of 235 hp (all prices and equipping of X6). A equal engine (now shared by Diesel), the X6 is € 4,500 more expensive than the X5. At that price difference there are elements that are optional on the X5 and X6 has series like xenon headlights, automatic connection of lights and wipers and rear chamber to aid parking, so that BMW is also called “Dynamic Performance Control “, a device that can intervene to correct the trajectory (comparative equipment X5 and X6 with diesel engines).

In relation to its size, X6 notable for its dynamic qualities on the road. It reacts almost like a good tourism and, therefore, is easier to carry than a quick SUV. A Porsche Cayenne is faster because it has some reactions more alive, but it shows more, that the X6, which is a tall and heavy vehicle. What I liked least of X6 is the comfort provided by its suspension.
The X6 has four seats, each with individual seats. BMW said in its announcement that it is in the rear seats there is plenty of headroom for people ‘very high’, we have found someone of 1.85 m slashing with the roof.
The range of engines is composed of two variants of petrol, xDrive35i (306 hp) or xDrive50i (408 hp) and two Diesel, xDrive30d and xDrive35d (with 236 hp and 286 respectively). All are direct injection of fuel; xDrive35i and xDrive35d have dual turbocharger.
The X6 and the X5 have the same diesel engines. The petrol 306 hp what can bring the 1 Series Coupe and 3 Series.
We tested the diesel version more powerful (286 hp). With this engine, the X6 xDrive35d is a really fast car . Its consumption is moderate but, as we have also had an opportunity to experiment in the Series 5, the version with 235 hp diesel engine may be the most interesting considering jointly benefits and consumption.

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