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Movin’ and Shakin’

Newton discovered three laws of motion … but he never considered these:

Why do we drive on the right? Why are cloverleaf intersections so complex? Can Earth's orbit be changed if a billion people jump at the same time? Can jumping up at the last instant save you in a falling elevator? Where does the rubber go when a tire wears out? Can a bullet fired into the air come down and kill somebody? Why does the Lone Ranger use silver bullets? What really keeps an airplane up? Are astronauts weightless? If you drive your car faster than the speed of sound, can you hear the radio? … 
and many more question that i want to add but its useless for if no one of them u can get the exact answer and for what purpose i asked? mengong kot aku nie.. But at lease i can think different like no one. haha.. I'm not stupid but people look at me like stupid when i'm studying and i don't care. PEDULI HAPE AKU? 

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