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Apakah itu??? Manusia?? Jin?? Suparman??

Manusiakah? Jin kah? Bunian kah? apepun mahkluk tu memang bukan manusia..

I edited dark video and found that somebody appears from nowhere to save life of a man riding a bycicle about to be trodden by a truck. Circular lights are seen first dancing on the pavement and then a brightness when both of them dissapear probably teleporting. Another brightness precedes sudden apparition of two people together an unusual object on the prevoius empty street. But it's the same guy, check the shirt, with the bike and saver, they talk briefly. Saver walks away quickly and the man sits down. Truck driver cannot understand what happend. Parallel tire marks appear on the accident spot at the begginng with a dark circle around that afterwards vanishes. Tape recorded by surveillance camera 64 somewhere in China. Beautiful success!

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